About Whimsical Harmony

Vote Code: 65217  |  My 3-D wooden sculpture is hand-carved from reclaimed, repurposed utility poles. It is carved using chainsaws, rotary tools, hand chisels and is painted using acrylic paints then antiqued with an oil based stain. The whimsical characters on my carving are carved showing them living together in perfect harmony as they have for thousands of years. Newly born baby giraffe is lovingly watching mom, a monkey is playfully looking at an animated butterfly and exotic birds are enjoying fresh grapes still on the vine. To the right of the elephant an animated Venus flytrap snaps open and closed. Most of them are unaware of the impending destruction of their world by humans, except the elephant. Careless slash and burn deforestation by man clears an equivalent of 48 football fields of forest every minute world-wide. This tragic destruction of their home turf makes millions of plant and animal species vulnerable to loss of habitat and natural hiding places ultimately leading to possible extinction. If the caricatures on this carving could talk, they would surely be saying “please help us save our happy habitat”.

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